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I quickly type away on the computer screen as I search the cameras for the key everyone is looking for. Well the key code that is. One thing that I have learned from working on computers is that everyone has something to hide. That’s inevitable. It can be as simple as cheating on your test or as complex as cheating on your husband. Everyone has something, just how and where they hide it is different. Some hide it in a journal; some hide it on a scrap piece of paper that they close in their desk drawer. I was searching for clues to where one might hide such a code. They could even have it hidden on a server of some sort. I press the enter key and the two screens beside me turn blue and start scrolling white lines of letters. It’s the code I am using to take down some firewalls that might have something to hide. This, thing, that they have locked up was told to be priceless. The former leader of the Dauntless left it to no one before he died. The former leader simply told the new leader, Larson, that it was his. Whatever was behind the gigantic vault doors was not told to the new leader, nor was the location of the codes to open it. Larson quickly assembled a team to find it so he could know the identity of the item. Isabella and I both were assigned to the team early on. She was assigned to ground search and I was assigned to computer and camera search. We stayed in touch though. Two days later Larson was executed along with most of his top staff of the task force by the Erudite Candor Alliance. The task force scattered, well except for the five of us. Randal, Sherry, Herald, Isabella and I are continuing the task force in secret. We can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. I look at the screen with the cameras on it and drag a window with my finger to the center. I tap it twice and the image on it fills the entire screen. Isabella has ducked into a apartment that

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