This Is for the Ladies-Amal Kassir

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Amal Kassir in 'This is For the Ladies' speaks about the perceived concept of feminism that is prevalent in the 21st century and expresses her disapproval of it. Feminism basically advocates equality of men and women.However,today the notion of feminism is perceived different.To be a feminist/empowered woman is to bare your skin,dress well,talk well,and most importantly,be flirty,according to Amal Kassir. Amal Kassir through her poem expresses her abject disapproval over how the idea of feminism is painted which according to her is only degrading the females. She further questions the patriarchal society that under the guise of supporting women empowerment is suppressing and oppressing the women and makes a stand stating thatshe is 'not drowning in any man's drool'. She belive that by succumbing to the 'idealised' image of a woman that in reality does not give women the liberty of having a mind of their own,the women are being disrespectful to themselves. Amal kassir is addressing the ladies who have fallen for this trap and is asking them to save their dignity and not give in to the conventional concept of beauty because you are perfect the way you are and states that exposing your body is not feminism.There is a lot more to it. Amal Kassir through her narrative,challenges the patriarchal system and makes a stand against it by choosing to think for herself and doing what she believes is right despite the criticism she has
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