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AP U.S. History study strategies rubrics assignment expectations Supplemental Source Worksheet AP PARTS (from the College Board “Vertical Teams Guide”) Author: Who created the source? What do you know about the author? What is the author’s point of view? Place and Time: Where and when was the source produced? How might this affect the meaning of the source? Prior Knowledge: Beyond information about the author and the context of its creation, what do you know that would help you further understand the primary source? For example, do you recognize any symbols and recall what they represent? Audience: For whom was the source created and how might this affect the reliability of the source? Reason: Why was this source produced and how might this affect the reliability of the source? The Main Idea: What point is the source trying to convey? Significance: Why is this source important? Ask yourself, “So what?” in relation to the question asked. Reading Comprehension Worksheet Paragraph Summary In one clear sentence, state the main idea of each paragraph in your own words. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Vocabulary As you read, write down words that are unfamiliar that you can define later. In one clear paragraph, state the main idea of the entire six paragraphs.

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