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Love and Affection By: Deja Adams Drake Aubrey Graham- I Get Lonely Waited on you for so long, Too many days since January, I’m still sitting here alone, We shoulda did this already, Said I gotta email today, Kinda thought that you, forgot about me, But I wanna hit you back too say, Just like you, I get lonely .. ~ I like this song because to me to brings a lot of emotions. The song also shows how much you really miss someone. Sunshine~ The sun glistens on the water, making it sparkle and shine, it almost seems alive to me. This touches my heart; I hear a loon cry, all alone in the night, her song haunts me. This touches my heart; I see a rose growing in a bed of sand, struggling to survive, it seems to cry out for help to me. This touches my heart; all of these things touch my heart but none near as much, as when I see you smile. I wrote this poem because it tells how much you love someone and care about that no matter what happens you love everything about them. What He Was~ He was my north, my south, my east, and west. My working week and my Sunday best. My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought love would last forever; I was dead wrong. I wrote the poem because sometimes we think that relationships are forever, but nowadays things don’t last. Not everything at least. Judgment~ Love is not a metaphor. You use my heart for a literary merit. I am not a poem. As you can see I’m much in love with love. It’s something that is a beautiful message. So why not spread it? The right way! Thanks for reading my poems, hope you’ve enjoyed! ~

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