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7 Pre-Operative lnstructions PAtiENt: JERROD ELUOTT Surgery Date: 3-23-2011 Check intime:8:4)AF0 Do not eat or drink Surgery Time: 9:30AM I (eioht) hours orior to vour scheduled surqerv. Do continue to take vour prescribed medications as orescribed. with onlv a sio of water. if thev are for heart related issues. hiqh blood oressure. thwoid. etc.. unless otherwise instructed bv vour suroeon. Do understand that you will be underqoinq lV sedation. anti-inflammatory i.e., lbuprofen, Mofrin, Naproxin, Vioxx, Celebrex, Aspirin etc., for three days prior. Do not Hre any NSAIDS, the proedure, unless taking aspirin for heart pmblems. Do not bring any valuables wist you on the date of surgery, incldirg rings, watctres, and eanings. Your surgeon and the surgery feility will not be responsible br bst itenrs. Oo have a Fsponsible adult b drire you to the surgery facility and home on the day of surgery. You will nol be permitted to drive yourself home or leave in a taxi. You will be discharged wisrin 2-3 houns of your surgery. Do drEnoe for 3n adult to be with vou for the first 24 hours after vour surEerv. Do advise your surgeon and the anesthesiologist of errery medication including herbal supplements and/or any over the counter medft;ations you are taking. Do understand that you will be undergoing lv sedation. Do clmely fillow instructions conceming your medical care. Failure to follow these instructions can esult in cancellation of your suruery or cdnplicatbns. Do dvise your surgeon and tlp ares$resiobgbt of any illness or adrrerse health condition. Do shoner carc. before yor sLfigery and rrear @mfutat*e ch&es to your xngery. Do harre ar ice pack in your freezer for postoperative 0o us yourphannacy t*phone numberfupost+peratirre prescriptions. We willcallyour pharmacy for post-operalive medicatbns one dav

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