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| 2011 | | This I Believe:Stacy Rodgers | [This i believe] | This is a short summary of what I believe about the new law on gay marriage in New York. | This I believe: Gay Marriage in New York This I believe is a wonderful thing to happen in New Yorkin my oppinoin. New York is the sixth state to allow full rights to gay and lesbians to get married. On the 25th day of June 2011 Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state's new marriage-equality law. This is a huge mark for gay and lesbians, because me being a lesbian. Since I am a lesbian, or even with my being a lesbian, etc) I want to be able to have a wedding some day that is actually legal. I would like to have her on my insurance, to do that I would have to go to the court house get all different types of documents just to do so. It is unfair it is that one has to do this simply because of their sexual orientation. There are so many people that have waited for this day to come. On June 26th, one of the oldest gay-marriage parades took place all over the world. But in one particular place, New York, there we’re thousands of people, at the parade Now, not all the people that attended the Parade were there to positively cheer for gay-pride. No matter what the situation, there is going to be someone, somewhere that doesn’t agree on the event that is taking place. For example, abortion, some say you will be a murderer if a woman has one, but others say it’s a blessing to have the choice if it wasn’t a planned pregnancy. I believe that if we all didn’t care who married whom, it wouldn’t be a problem having all states rule “YES” on gay marriage. "I believe New York has sent a message to this nation loud and clear: It is time for marriage equality all across this country,"(stated or said or something of the like) Governor Andrew Cuomo. I never watch the news, pick up a news paper,

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