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Steroids may help athletes today, but in the long run they can cause health problems and even death. “Roids” are banned from sports not only because they are cheating, but because of the harmful effects it can have on the body. They help in short term ways such as building muscle and strength faster. The long term affects are much worse and include sterility, premature balding, greater chance of injuring muscles, and liver damage. Throughout my years playing high school football, our team went through a great deal of adversity. The biggest challenge was that we were an undersized team playing Quad A football. Our coach always told us the game was a measure of heart not a measure of size. After finishing our junior year at 2-7 a few of my teammates including my best friend decided that heart was not enough. They knew two guys from the gym that we worked out at in the summer that did steroids. After talking with them they had their first cycle ordered. They used the steroids up until football camp of the next year. They all weighed in at the least gaining fifteen pounds. During our third practice one of the users tore his ACL. Since steroids increase chance of injuring muscles they were probably the cause of this injury. A few weeks later, my best friend who I had thought stopped using “roids” was put in the hospital and had to have his liver removed. The steroids were destroying his already bad liver and nearly killed him. After seeing this happen to one of my close friends, I believe that the use of steroids is dangerous and ill-advised. With all the known side effects athletes were not turned away from using steroids. Despite the ban athletes continued using it by consulting professionals to evade drug tests. An American swimmer named Rick de Mont was the first officially caught for breaking the rules in 1972. In the late 1990s, Mark McGuire was caught using a

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