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AP English 11 This I Believe Fight or flight, the most distinguishable human instinct that comes reeling up inside you when you’re faced with any problem or obstacle in life. Your choices are to stand tall and face it or run from the problem to avoid it all together, essentially giving up. I believe that a fighting spirit is the best instinct to have when it comes to any obstacle life decides to throw at you. This now strong belief of mine was brought into perspective when I was 11 years old and saw my hero, my idol, my rock, my best friend, my mother have to chose to either fight or take flight. February 14 2009, Valentine’s Day, a day most people enjoy, as it’s filled with expressing your love for the ones around you. However, that day was a day I’ll never forget, it’s a conversation I’ll never forget having with my parents, it’s a rock-in-your-stomach type of feeling I can never unfeel. It was the day my parents told me my mom had an aggressive case of stage 3 breast cancer. Due to the fact that the malignant tumor the doctors had found was stage 3 and appeared to already be spreading, my moms’ chance of survival quickly diminished. Although her chances of making a full recovery were slim my mom, my hero, chose not to accept defeat and to not think that, “ this was the end, that this must be what God has planned for me” she chose to fight. She chose, in the face of arguably one of lives biggest obstacles, to not tuck tail and give up but with every last healthy cell in her body to fight for her life. As the months slowly wore on and doctors visits and surgeries slowly consumed the calendar I saw my mom in a different light. Her hair now left a halo around her balding head each time she got up, fuzzy socks were always on her cold aching feet and the spunk in her step I had come to know was nowhere to be found. I saw her take mounds of pills a day just to

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