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This I Believe: By Rushad Heerjee I believe that you should always call the shots fair. If you try cheating your way out of it, you are only deceiving yourself and giving yourself a false sense of satisfaction. If the ball has a fifty-fifty chance of being in or out in a tennis game, I usually give the opponent the benefit of the doubt. There was a time when I gave into that temptation. I was playing the third singles player from the Gunawan Tennis Academy in a friendly match. I knew my opponent very well, because I used to train with him regularly. The match was first to eight games, but at seven all, you play a tiebreak. He won the first four games with ease. Then, after a quick glance at my coach and the crowd watching upon us, I fought back to win the next five games. At my match point at seven games to six, he made a very irrational call, one that I knew was 100% in. I walked to the net to conform the call, “Was that ball out?” “Yes, it was this far out,” pointing his racket where he thought the ball had landed I didn’t want to make a scene in front of all the parents, coaches and my team mates so I gave him a long cold stare and walked back to serve. I was very frustrated at that point, and suddenly winning was all that mattered. I had to prove that I could do it. The game was delicately poised in my favor at 5-3 in the tie-break. To my horror he hit a winner which however landed straight on the line. I raised my finger to call it out. Unlike me, he accepted the call and returned to play. No one in the audience doubted my call but I was feeling very guilty and wretched. I ended up winning the match 8-7 (7-5). There was no feeling of elation or jubilation at my victory. The guilt was killing me and I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me when he came up at the end of the match and said, “Good game Rushad! You deserved it!” I had

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