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I believe that people’s true colors really show when they have every reason to break, but stay strong instead. There was an amazing woman in my life, her name was Selena. She was my mom’s best friend and my second mom. My family went through a really rough time and didn’t have anywhere to live and Selenia offered up her home for us to live in. she let me, my sister, my two brother, and my mom into her home along with her husband and five children. 12 people in one house, it was crazy in that house but all she wanted was a safe place for us to live. She is the sweetest woman you would ever meet in your life. She saw the beauty in life and just wanted it to be a nice place for everyone. She touched the lives of almost everyone she met. She was always smiling and happy. She treated my siblings and me like we were her kids. She greeted you as if she hadn’t seen you in years, you always felt welcome in her presence. There isn’t a bad thing you can say about her. About 4 years ago, Selenia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She fought a long and hard battle while staying strong and positive the entire time. She went into remission a few times but it always came back. Unfortunately it took her life on June 22, 2012. Selenia meant so much to my whole family and me. In her honor, her family and mine all got tattoos on our wrists for her. A bird, representing her freedom, she is free now, she isn’t in pain anymore and she is a free spirit. And an open heart in the middle to show her limitless love for everyone and everything. Bad things happen to good people. Selenia did not deserve to have her life taken. She had a lot to offer the world and a lot of love to give to it. All she showed was compassion and caring for everyone that is something you don’t see too often now-a-days. I’m gad to have had the privilege to have been so close with her and to know I can look down at

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