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This I Believe I believe water is thicker than blood. I know the old saying goes “blood is thicker than water”, meaning the bonds of family are stronger than those of friends. I believe at times water is thicker than blood. Blood related means that you are related by blood or a common genetic heritage. I believe that just because you are blood related to a person doesn’t always mean that those bonds are stronger than those of you friends and acquaints. My father was never around too much when I was a kid. I remember he was around here and there, he got in touch with me maybe every 5 years or so. My mother and father were never married. They dated a few time, but shortly after I was born, they separated. The when I was 15, my mother married my step father. Although I was almost a man myself, he was the first positive male role model I had in my life. You would think that by my father and I being blood related, that would be his job and it wouldn’t be able to be replaced. But I consider someone else, who’s not blood related to me to be my father. You can guess who gets a Father’s Day phone call from me. Over the years I have made many friends. Few to which I can call “good” friends. We would hang out and party together. We would confide in each other. Look to one another when we needed advice. Call on them when we were in a bind. It seemed that my friends were always there for me, no matter what. About 3 years ago, I got in contact with my half brother. He is my father’s son by another mother. With us having the same father, you would consider us related by blood. I was really excited to meet him and get to know him. When we met, everything went well. We even look so much alike; people swore we were full brothers. Come to find out, we had a lot in common. We both liked to drink, party and have a good time. We both were independent and seemed to manage to

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