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This I Believe Essay Everyone has their own ways of receiving satisfaction out of life. Some people have many friends. Some have a job they love. Some get satisfaction out of buying things. But, me, I get satisfaction out of knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. I believe it’s the little unnoticed actions and words that make you who you are. In the summer of 2010, I took a mission trip to Belize with a church youth group. At first, I was scared because I had never been to a foreign country and didn’t know what to expect. But, when it came time to leave I was ecstatic. When we got to Belize, we found out we would be helping a small village build a church. We worked nonstop for almost 5 hours every day—mixing concrete, pouring concrete, cutting wood, and many other miscellaneous jobs. On a mission trip, I originally thought I was giving so much to a community who had very little. We did help the community in very many different aspects but the relationships we built with the people and the hospitality they shared was remarkable. For a community who had very little at all, they gave us something we never expected. We created the strongest bonds and friendships with the people of Belize. I’m sure we made a huge difference in their lives, but the love and gratitude they showed for us, complete strangers, was the real gift of the whole

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