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Achievement Standard |Subject Reference |Science 1.5 | |Title |Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids and bases | |Level |1 |Credits |4 |Assessment |External | |Subfield |Science | |Domain |Science - Core | |Status |Registered |Status date |30 November 2010 | |Planned review date |31 December 2014 |Date version published |30 November 2010 | This achievement standard involves demonstrating understanding of atomic structure, particle theory and rates of reaction relating to acids and base properties, uses and reactions. Achievement Criteria |Achievement |Achievement with Merit |Achievement with Excellence | |Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids |Demonstrate in-depth understanding of aspects|Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of aspects | |and bases. |of acids and bases. |of acids and bases. | Explanatory Notes 1. This achievement standard is derived from The New Zealand Curriculum, Learning Media, Ministry

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