Thirteen Reasons Why Symbols Essay

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Thirteen reasons why symbols essay Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher is a book about a young girl who decides to commit suicide, and creates thirteen tapes one of each person who contributed to her reason to kill herself. She sends these tapes to each person on the tapes to listen to how they contributed to her reasoning for killing her self, and pass it on to the next person. If the tapes are not passed on to the next person they will be released in a very public way. In thirteen reasons why the author uses symbolism to convey the idea that the little things that people do can harm others in way they might not realize In one class, a teacher gave every student a bag in order to receive notes from other classmates that are meant to encourage the student. One student stole all of Hannah’s notes. Hannah became very upset by this. These notes of encouragement represent Hannah’s hope. At the beginning of the tapes, Hannah is very hopeful. But, soon all of her reasons for being hopeful get “stolen.” Hannah describes how much she needed the notes when she says, “My world was collapsing. I needed those notes. I needed any hope those notes might have offered” (Asher 165). After this point in the novel, Hannah starts thinking about suicide. The missing notes show how Hannah’s hope was gone. A photograph symbolizes the false friendship of Hannah and Courtney. Hannah enjoyed being friends with Courtney, until she realized that Courtney was using her to get rides to parties. Hannah felt betrayed, and even more alone, because Courtney made it clear that Hannah could not trust anyone. A photo was taken for the yearbook of Hannah and Courtney at a party together. The photo represents the fake friendship of the two girls. This is shown when Hannah says, “Anyone looking at that photo would definitely not be sharing our moment. They could not come close to

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