Thirteen Days Assignment

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Jordan Sell Mr. Hebert Modern American History 23 April 2012 Thirteen Days Assignment The United States and Russia had been locked in a bold stalemate until the Soviets decided that they would very much enjoy the first-strike capabilities that their satellite ally Cuba presented them. So, they shipped over some intermediate missiles and technicians over on some of their freighters and begun construction. The missiles would give the Soviets capability to destroy many American population centers that were key in running the nation. So if the Soviet leaders decided to put all of the major cities that they had the capability of hitting with their missiles on a dartboard and lets say, hit New York with a population of 7,781,984.…show more content…
The ships sent to Cuba would be stopped and inspected and if they were carrying military supplies then they would be turned back and sent back to the Soviet Union. when the ships tried to run the blockade, the U.S. was caught in a dilemma, either they look soft and let the ships go to avoid war, or they forcefully take the ships and plunge into war. The US and Soviet Union were standing toe to toe on the line of scrimmage and were waiting for the quarterback to say hike so that they could kill the other kid on the other side of the football. The truth of the matter was, that the US was pulling its final card and practicing brinksmanship and were hoping that the Soviets would back down and just go home so that they would not have to enforce their “Quarantine” because that would mean war. If this conflict ended up in war, it is the opinion of the author that the United States would have been to blame. The U.S. “Quarantine” was essentially a blockade and if the Russians were not in a good mood at the time then they could have taken it as an act of aggression and retaliated in kind. This would all equate to the U.S. inducing the apocalypse and therefore throw the United States against the world in an armed conflict to end the
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