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Thirst Haruki Murakami demonstrates addiction through the killing of cats’ in the Kafka in the Shore. Cats’ symbolize addiction, addiction leads to darkness in human behavior. The first indicator that cats are a symbol is Johnnie Walker is a hunter of cats’. Hunters repeat the same process over and over just like addiction. Second indicator that cats are a symbol is Johnnie Walker kills cats and can’t stop, that is addiction. The author writes “once you’ve acquired a taste of this, you get hooked” (Murakami, 145), to show that addiction can symbolize different forms. Johnnie walker is a cat hunter who plans to make a flute out of cats’ souls. Though his, name Johnnie Walker represents a brand of Scotch whiskey, and he dresses to appear like the man features in the brands logo. Walker’s clothing symbolizes expensive western clothing; walker’s character portrays him as a western character. Hunters are people who hunt animals to kill. Some hunters hunt animals for different purposeless, either, to eat or for the fun of it. Now, walker’s clothing represents expensive western clothing. Western citizens who were wealthy hunted foxes for fun in there expensive clothing. Therefore, foxes were not a source of food and neither are cats. Killing animals is a horrifying aspect if killed for a source of food. Addiction can be a fatal disease. Addiction comes in different forms such as, killing, shopping addiction. Therefore, which Johnnie walker kills cats’ and when he tastes blood, he cannot stop. In the society view, killing innocent animals such as cats’ and foxes’ is a criminal charge. Overall, the author Huruki Murakami portrays that cat’s symbolize the form of addiction. Also, illustrates who Johnnie Walker is Eastern character whom plays the role of a western character. Lastly, Murakami depicts addiction that it can be a fatal
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