Third Person Narrative Writing Essay

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The difference between a valued judgement and a matter of fact are as follows; a valued judgement is a personal belief such as religion if you value religion you would go to church every week. A matter of fact is something that is an actual fact that is backed up with factual evidence. Arguments for the existence of God are as follows; there are the experiential arguments of people claiming to have personal religious experiences of God, also how did life start on earth? People believe that there must be a God to have created the world. Animals, plants and planets show clear signs of being designed for specific ends therefore there must have been a designer. Everything must have a cause. It is impossible to continue backwards to infinity with causes, therefore there must have been a first cause which was not conditioned by any other cause. That cause must be God. People believe that everything bad that happens is for a reason and that reason being a test from God; also that he takes people to let new lives into the world. The arguments against the existence of god are; people believe God does not exist because they believe that if he did he would not allow cruel things to happen in life such as death, crime, disabilities etc. They believe that if there was a God he would allow everybody to live in peace and harmony. Some people say that if the universe was created by God, why do people worship God in such different ways? Then there is the so called Adam and Eve. People say how could two people create all the people that exist today? Also why are we not all the same race and culture, and why would we all speak different languages around the world? Surely we should all be same race and culture shouldn’t we? The other subject I am going to show arguments for and against is Punishment. I will be writing

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