Third & Fourth Quarter Research Project

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US History – Mr. Harding Third & Fourth Quarter Research Paper / Project As part of United States History, you are required to write an extensive research paper. This assignment is designed not only to help you learn how to think critically and write about history, but to lay the foundation for later research and writing that you will accomplish at TPS and in college/university. All TPS History teachers recommend that you take this assignment very seriously and work hard on all aspects of it. The Third / Fourth Quarter research project will count 20% towards your third and fourth quarter grades respectively (20% of the third and 20% of the fourth). REQUIREMENTS: * Your research paper will be at least 4 full pages long…show more content…
Board of Education (1954) The Spanish-American War (1898) World War I Propaganda (1917-1919) The Molly Maguires (1876-1878) The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) The Manhattan Project (1942-1946) The Civilian Conservation Corps (1933-42) Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) The Triangle Fire, NYC (1911) The 1918 Influenza Epidemic (U.S.) Ida B. Wells (1862-1931) The Crash of 1929 The California Goldrush (1848-50) The Bonus Army (1932) John Brown’s Raid (1859) The Erie Canal (1817-1825) The Dominion of New England (1686-89) The Vietnam War (1965-1972) The Ludlow Massacre (1914) Jamestown Colony (1607-1622) The Battle of Trenton

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