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Third Assiment Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Third Major Writing Assignment: Analyzing Images and Writing about the Results
Elementary Composition 1


  * Now that we have read Alone Together and responded to the text, your task will be to take one of the issues raised in Alone Together and explore it further by analyzing it and responding to it through what we see in images in popular culture.   (If you feel that you need to break from Alone Together, that’s acceptable, but you have to run your topic by me first.) The easiest way to do the assignment will be to find two images on the web.   These can be photographs, illustrations, drawings, ads, or a combination of these.   The idea will be to use the images (comparing them will work best) to say something about the issue as it relates to general social concerns.

  * An example is a paper a student wrote recently comparing pictures of the altar in the Catholic Church, one showing the altar before the changes brought about by Vatican II, and the other showing the altar after the changes had been initiated.   The first picture showed a very formal, traditional altar, the second a more modern, even relaxed altar.   The student used the images to indicate what was significant about the changes in Vatican II, and why these changes were good for the Catholic Church and society overall.

  * Support for the assignment will come from Chapter 8 in The Norton Field Guide to Writing, and in particular pages 69 to 78.   Before you write, be sure to look at “Key Features/Textual Analysis” (69), “Considering the Rhetorical Situation” (70), “Think about the Larger Context” (72), “Ways of Organizing a Textual Analysis” (76), and “Writing Out a Draft” (76).

  * Note: This paper is similar to the paper we just completed, but its focus will be on using an image or a set of images to make sense of or comment on an issue Turkle raises in her text.   Consequently, the approach to the writing will be similar to...

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