Thinking Styles Essay

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Thinking Stlyes Creative thinking produces ideas. It is a divergent thinking style that aims to provide a number of ideas and hypotheses to a particular problem. Using various thinking techniques creative thinking allows an individual to examine a problem from all sides and create possible explanations which may not be tied to any testable data, but simply aims at producing ideas. Analytical thinking consolidates these ideas and narrows them into relevant ideas and practices. It is a convergent thinking style that aims to produce testable hypotheses to a particular problem. While creative thinking is not necessary to the analytical process it can aid in providing a starting point to begin the convergence process. Strategic thinking is a synthesis of creative and analytical thinking and can use what they produce to generate planning strategies and apply them to specific problems. Strategic thinking is similar to analytical thinking in that it is a convergent process, however it differs in that the goal of analytical thinking is to generate a number of alternate, testable hypotheses, whereas the goal the strategic thinking is to identify the best and most relevant hypothesis and apply it to a problem and create specific planning strategies. In my personal model and understanding of these thinking styles, one essentially leads into the other, however they are not mutually dependent and can be used independently of one another. In certain situations it may be sufficient to simply generate a number of ideas without actually testing and evaluating them, in this case creative thinking will be enough. If however, these ideas need to be narrowed down and evaluated, analytical think becomes a necessary next step. In this case it may also be sufficient to stop if a series of testable hypotheses is sufficient. Analytical thinking is best used when problems are known

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