Thinking of the Textbook in the Classroom

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In this paper, I shall critically review an article, entitled ' Thinking the Textbook in the ESL/EFL classroom by Wang Wen-Cheng, Lin Chien-Hung and Lee Chung-Chieh.' I shall also shed a light on the issues that have been argued in the article. Additionally, I will take down some notes about the subject matter of the article from my point of view, and after I pick out the issues of the article, I will add my concern about it and how is related to me and to my students in the process of teaching English in the classroom. The authors in the article have argued that textbooks are crucially significant in the process of teaching in the classroom since it provides novice teachers with guidance in the course and it also guarantees the structure, consistency, and coherent progress in the class. They have also presented that textbooks happen learners' needs of having something to work from and use it for homework for further study. In addition, they reason that textbooks supply a conglomeration of verities of resources such as: tapes, CDs, videos and so forth. On the other hand, the writers claim that ESL textbooks have effectively improved since one or two decades ago, the process of selecting an applicable text has become difficult for the vast majority of teachers. Thus, the authors explain the process of evaluating textbooks for use in the ESL/EFL classrooms. School teachers usually spend plenty of time using course books in their classes from around the world. Therefore, choosing or selecting a suitable text book for a specific class has been a dispensable matter for evaluators or text book designers. The authors describe the vital role of using text books in the classrooms when teaching English as well. Likewise this process of selecting the right text book for the right class will be well-organized and more trustworthy by the teachers, and thus they can
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