Thinking Critically Simulation Essay

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Thinking Critically Simulation Review Businesses and organizations benefit from formalized processes that ensure consistency and thoroughness. Incorporating formal processes into decision making and problem solving allows employees at all levels to develop solutions containing deep thought, consideration for multiple outcomes, preparedness for alternatives, and measurement to ensure proper outcomes. Incorporating the nine-step process for decision making allows companies to analyze all available options. Simulation allows students to experiment and review the various problem solving techniques. Evaluating tools and techniques and considering alternative approaches prepare students for real world dilemmas faced in the business world. Through simulation students contemplate outcomes and debate alternative techniques to create improved outcomes. The following is an example of such debate. Tools and Techniques Encountered The simulation exposed many problems; some of which were later identified as symptoms of the larger problem or even fallacies. The simulation uses a methodical approach to decision making. Using the decision-making steps the simulation begins by framing the problem. Framing the problem is important because it defines the solution that will be considered. The simulation utilizes an Urgency-Criticality Matrix to evaluate each of the issues facing the store. Once the information is analyzed and the real problems are identified, the Urgency-Criticality Matrix can be used to evaluate them on urgency and criticality. Another tool that could have been used in this situation is the Criteria Matrix. The criteria matrix is a tool that can be used to make a choice between several possible issues that must be weighed against key factors. It can be used to promote the use of data and facts as well as business objectives in a decision-making process.

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