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Thinking Critically Simulation Review Thinking Critically Simulation Review Credenhill’s retail electronics store has several problems and issues that need to be addressed. Falling sales, city handicapped code violations, and employees leaving to the competitor, to name a few. The simulation required critical thinking skills and techniques. It gave information and options to assess and evaluate the situation and provided decision-making steps to come to a logical solution. Problem evaluation techniques encountered in the simulation included a priority matrix chart, a cause and effect chart including simulated responses to help gauge departmental responses, and a solution comparison list that allows the match of comparisons to each major problem needing resolved. Instead of the matrix chart, I probably would have used a comparison chart to figure out cause and effect between each issue, which would allow me to remove the issues that were caused by other underlying issues and did not need to be resolved directly. Posed with the matrix chart as it was drawn, I felt a need to put each problem within a category, instead of leaving the extraneous issues out of the chart. The team members recognized the risk diagram used in the simulation. The risk matrix diagram allows the evaluator to place the issues in a quadrant of the chart and evaluate with critical thought the impact to the business (Langdon, 2001). Issues placed in the critical and urgent quadrant received priority attention to mitigate and protect the company against these issues reducing the possibility of future occurrences whereas other issues placed in other quadrants received attention in a logical order (Langdon, 2001). Once the issues were evaluated a fishbone chart stated the problems and aided in the decision of what factors were relevant to solving the issues of product, staff,

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