Think And Make Money Essay

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The point of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is designed to help you reach your highest potential as well as bring personal happiness to yourself. From the beginning onward, Hill gives a blueprint for becoming a master to meet the goals that you may wish to succeed in, which is not limited to growing rich. Hill opens up chapter 1 with an example of how a man “thought” himself into getting a partnership with Thomas Edison. He showed another example of Henry Ford’s idea of the eight cylinder engine played out. Both men encountered heavy obstacles. Many of these obstacles would have been enough to turn other men away. But Hill showed how never giving up is true of all successful men. Over the next thirteen chapters Hill simply describes the key elements that one should hold to reach goals known as the “steps to the riches.” Chapter 2 begins to describe the first “step to the riches” which is desire. It is labeled as “The starting point of all achievement.” Hill emphasizes that basically you have to want badly. More than just something random, but something you have a burning desire for. Hill then describes how to acquire that desire in a broken down 6 steps. Know how much money you want, realize what you are going to have to give to get the money, and make sure you are willing to do so, establish a date when you are going to get that money, create a plan and begin at once, write out your plan clearly how much money you are going to get, by when, and how you intend on getting it. Lastly, read that statement twice daily. The second step to “the riches” is to have faith. Hill argues that faith is one of the three strongest emotions. With this strong emotion tied to your beliefs then one can say that half the battle to acquire whatever it is that we are after is done. Hill describes that simply repeating orders into your subconscious is not enough but an
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