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Yhonn Mary Santos Professor Buzzi EN-110-02 30 September 2015 [Title]: [Subtitle] Most of the people always have valuable object they carry on every day, sometime are for a good reason and other are personal and sentimental present from people they love and also object they need to carry even if they don’t like it, but they need it for living. I will love to say that thinking about this I carry many things with me every day and most of this things are sentimental that are very deep in my mind and heart. Every morning I wake up I say thanks God for another day in my life, thanks for all the most beautiful thing that he is offer to me and also that I do every day. God is the first in my life that I carry with me every day because with him everything has a meaning pleasant and virtuous in my environment. I do carry god with me every day because with him I have protection and safety in my life he is my confidence and my best friend. My wallet is one of the thing that I carry every day for some many reason, probably is not just me most of the people carry a wallet with them every day. I do have an old fashioned wallet but for me it looks like a Louis Vuitton wallet. This one has many years with me and is it is a gift from my good friends Melissa. Inside the wallet I have pic of my family, credit cards, Id and a 10 peso billet from my country, I guess this bill is giving me the luck for not be without money. This wallet play a good job in my daily life, because every paper and things a put it in there and I do not have to be looking around for nothing I know where exactly to go and find what I need. Cell phone is the essential object that I carry all the time. I use my phone every day for different purpose. My cell phone play an important role in my life because the communication is necessarily for me. Is been a long time when I sleep and wake up next to

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