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COMP 1. DUE DATE 9/04/14 Things I Like To Do Back when I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by things around me especially the toys that was given to me. It began as a wonder on what made a remote controlled toy work, or what happened to make sounds come out of a radio. As an eight year old growing up in a house where there always seemed to be used appliances and toys etcetera in my favorite part of the house, the workshop. My curiosity eventually won me over and I disassembled my first toy. It happened to have stopped working before so it served two purposes for me to try to repair. Obviously I was never able to fix the toy but did not stop me from doing the same thing to other things and familiarizing myself with the interior components. There were a lot of dissembled pieces in my brother’s workshop. Let’s just say that I broke more than I repaired throughout my childhood. During my middle and high school years though after learning how things work the hard way I developed a habit of fixing things for friends. Changing worn out belts on a cassette player became like a no brainer by this time. Also friends of mine would be at the house almost every afternoon with a bicycle to repair or a skateboard that needed fixing or modifying. I may not have been the most popular kid in school but was always around friends because I could have always given an idea or do something to help someone out. In the older years when in the workplace my tendency to help and problem solve on a daily basis became one of the trademarks of my professional life. It was a unique situation for me because the ability to take on responsibility and problem solve on my own allowed my career advancement more than I could ever imagine. In the last fifteen years or so I have ironically ended up working in heavy construction and found myself working on and repairing very

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