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119.155 COMMUNICATION IN THE SCIENCES ASSIGNMENT 3 PART 2: INDIVIDUAL TEAM ANALYSIS Team communication Our main method of team communication was via weekly face-to-face team meetings, text messages and email. While most members contributed actively at the weekly team meetings, follow up correspondence via email was disappointing. With the exception of Aristya and me, none of the team members responded to any follow up email correspondence. This resulted in frustration and ineffective team work as queries and issues were not resolved until the following week during the face-to-face team meeting. Team development The aim of all team members was completing the report. The social aspect of teams did not appear to be important to anyone in our group and as a result, did not seem to influence the behaviour of anyone in our team. Our team displayed neither a linear nor a cyclical progression through the various stages of team development but rather a pattern where some stages seemed to occur simultaneously. During the initial team meeting, the team went through parts of the forming, norming and performing stages. The purpose of the team was defined, leadership was discussed, and tasks were divided amongst the various members of the team. Team members seemed willing to listen to each other and respect for other’s opinions and ideas were shown. Team members expressed enthusiasm and excitement about the task at hand. The stage of storming was not openly displayed despite the fact both Aristya and I experienced anger and frustration at our fellow team members’ subsequent failure to meet deadlines. We both avoided being overtly confrontational about the dysfunctional aspects of our team due to the short duration of time that the team would exist, as well as the limited amount of time that was available to us in which to write the report. Our management

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