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Tran 1 Kelly Tran Ms. Lara Contemporary Themes 7/8 14 January 2013 Prompt # 1: Was Okonkwo an effective protagonist? Why or why not? In the book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo is an effective protagonist for the novel because he didn’t do anything that was evil and harm anyone. He did those things to show his masculinity and hide his weaknesses. He did appear as a strict father and husband in the beginning but later on he has change to become compassionate and affectionate. He shows loyalty towards his village by working hard and not procrastinating. He did sacrifice himself for being a good father. He kills one of the head messengers and lets the others go. Okonkwo was considered elite among his clansmen nonetheless by his pride and accomplishments. He would eventually become arrogant of being well known. Okonkwo cares about himself, the power he hold within his family, and what the people of Umuofia think of him. He doesn’t want to be like his father, for allowing weakness to rule his life. So he wanted to be the opposite of his father who was lazy and improvident. For example, his father kept borrowing money and owing every neighbor and piling up debts. He is trying to hide his father’s past problems by being aggressive, harsh and beating his wives and sons. He Tran 2 was a great wrestler at a young age and he was well-respected by his people. He has earned fame and brought honor to his village by overthrowing his opponent in a wrestling match. His hard-working paid off as he got older and he got what he ultimately wanted. He has also shown that he is a leader and a tragic hero from his actions. However, Okonkwo is a dynamic character because he changes and become more compassionate and yielding to his aggressive nature. An example would be the death of Ikemefuna. Okonkwo agreed to go along with the others so

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