Things Fall Apart - Religious Aspect

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Religion Things Fall Apart is a story about the Igbo clan of Nigeria. The bulk of the story focuses on the culture of the Igbo people and influence of Christian settlement on the clan. Chinua Achbe, in the novel Things Fall Apart, conveys a flavor of traditional African culture in the 1800`s. The author attempts to dispel the belief that the tribal peoples are without unique and important culture. Many of Achebe`s themes are not limited to the events in his novel, but relate to situations, in which traditional values are questioned and people from different cultures meet, the most profound impact being related to the themes of religion. One of the first aspects of life in the Igbo's land of Umofia to be affected by the arrival of the missionaries is religion and religious based values. An example of the Igbo's religious beliefs can be found when the priestess Chielo took away the character Ezinma, for she was a changeling, and was likely to be put to death. Despite the fact that she did not want this to happen, Ezinma's mother Ekwefi allowed her to be taken, knowing full well what Chielo intended to do, were it deemed necessary. While Ezinma's abduction was something that could have potentially meant her death, Ekwefi honored the traditions of her people, and did not voice any protest when the decision to do that was made. The Igbo believed in many gods, with a god for different things. For example, Ani is the earth goddess, and is responsible for all things related to the earth, like the well being of crops, and the general well being of the tribe. The Igbo ancestors also take on a divine nature to some extent. Family plays such a central role in Igbo life that the spirits of their ancestors are consulted for almost every decision and even serve as judges in legal trials (in the form of masked elders). The Igbo religion has a tendency to symbolize
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