Things Fall Apart Essay

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Disproving Stereotypes Many people believe pit-bulls are violent, unsafe dogs. There have been numerous articles proving that but the TV show, Pit-bulls and Parolees, disproves that. Tia, the owner of the rescue, takes in all pit-bulls with or without a fighting background and rehabilitates them. The pit-bulls turn out to be friendly, loving, and safe dogs to be around. Similarly, Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart, disproves stereotypes. Western people assert that the non-western people are savages. Achebe disproves the stereotype that African societies are uncivilized. First, Achebe disproves the stereotype that non-western people don’t have an organized religion, to assert that non-western people are civilized. Achebe explains how the Earth Goddess is worshiped by everyone and how the non-western people dedicated a holiday called “The Feast of The New Yam” for her (Achebe, 36). By dedicating a holiday for the Earth Goddess, the non- western people show that they do have an organized religion and that they have morals. Also, the non-westerners have a “Week of Peace” (Achebe, 29). During the Week of Peace, “a man does not say a harsh word to his neighbor. [They] live in peace with [their] fellows to honor [their] great goddess of the earth” (Achebe,30). By celebrating the Week of Peace, the non-westerners show that they value their friends and acquaintances which further shows that they are polite and well mannered. Moreover, this shows that they have good morals because not only do they do this for the fellows, but also the Earth Goddess. Samelko 1 In addition, Achebe disproves the stereotype that non-western societies are not smart enough to be self-sufficient, to assert that non-western people are civilized. Okonkwo, the main character, was “clearly cut out for great things. He was still young but he had won fame as the greatest wrestler in the nine
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