When Things Fall Apart Characterization

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When I was a little girl a strange thing happened to me…I was in Ekwefi’s hut after a meal of yam foo-foo and bitter leaf soup. We were sharing stories when a high-pitched voice broke the night’s silence. It was Chielo, one of Ekwefi’s friends, but tonight she wasn’t a friend, she was the priestess of Agbala. She was prophesying and in a sharp voice, addressing my father, Okonkwo. She was yelling and I couldn’t understand her very well, but I did hear the mention of my name. After that I fell asleep. When I woke I was outside next to Ekwefi and in front of Agbala’s priestess, confused. Chielo said, “Come, my daughter, I shall carry you on my back. A baby on its mother’s back does not know that the way is long.” I started to cry. The priestess and Ekwefi both said things to me but I was too scared and too confused to understand them. My mother gave me some dried fish which I clung onto as I climbed onto the priestess’ back. She started to chant loudly again as we departed. I could not control my own voice or tears, so I began to cry out loud myself, bawling. I was told I was safe and that I would remain safe, but I did not feel that way. I began to think to myself, “Why would Agbala want me? I have done nothing wrong. Perhaps this has something to do with the stone that man dug up.” For some odd reason, I felt as though my mother, Ekwefi, was near the whole time I was being carried by this native but yet foreign woman. I was so tired I began to fall in and out of a very light sleep. The moon had now risen, and the night seemed to be less threatening, when I noticed we were headed for some hills. We had reached a tiny, tiny hole which we both somehow fit through. We were now inside of what seemed to be a cave. I was so very
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