Things Fall Apart Anaylsis Essay

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Larissa Suarez Pd. 2 In the novel Things Fall Apart, the Ibo culture is different from our culture in various ways. We communicate differently and we have different views in politics, law and conflict resolution, economy, family structure, gender roles, how we raise our children, and religion. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. The way the Umofia communicates is not all verbally but they also communicate by the town crier which is only made up of men. The meetings are announced by the use of a drum or a flute. Gods can possess them to send out a message to the people of the village. In the Ibo society they see Chielo as having massive power and require great respect. When she storms into Okonkwo’s hut and demands to take Ezinma, Okonkwo can’t do anything but stand there and watch as his favorite child is taken away. Normally Okonkwo would’ve done something to stop this from happening right before his eyes but Chielo has so much power in Umofia that he would be committing a crime to preclude Chielo’s demands. Okonkwo did follow Chielo but secretly because he wouldn’t even dare to get caught questioning Chielo’s actions. If someone in Umofia were to commit a crime they would settle it with the evil forest trial or also known as egwugwu and there are seven of the judges that decide what should happen. They dress up as their ancestors and have them guide them in their decision against the defendant. Hearing the death of woman and everyone was out for blood. Their economy or system of trade is usually portrayed with broom sticks instead of cowries during the bride price because they don’t want to feel like they are bargaining for cattle in return for their daughter. Their currency is shells which are used as money. They also trade land for cowries and seeds for cowries. Family structure in the Ibo culture states that a man is allowed to have more

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