Things Fall Apart Essay

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. Okonkwo does not agree him and his tribesmen keeps practicing their religion, but there are good thing in the new religion for example the new religion doesn't have the inhumane and illogical practices of the old religion. Also another reason why the new religion is somewhat better is because they don't have ritual sacrifices or punishment for crimes or any type of violence, but i understand why okonkwo wouldn't want to be apart or take part in the new religion because he grew up probably his whole life on the old religion, I think he feels betrayed because some of the tribe is taking part in the new religion because maybe they think its time for a change or maybe they are tired of the old religion, I would feel the same way for example if you came or sent someone over to my house I leave and come back and theres different furniture and plates and cups and my mom is on board with the new look that we have had for months and me and my dad are not feeling the old look then we get told that it can’t be changed, so we use the stuff the we already had and my mom uses the new stuff thats how I think about it because some people in the tribe like the new religion but okonkwo likes the old religion and what to keep it so him and his tribesmen are going to keep practicing

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