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Things Fall Apart By: Chinua Achebe By:Tyler Watson Things fall apart is about a leader of the Umuofia clan named Okonkwo. Okonkwo was a very well respected clansman. He earned respect from the people through the important decisions he had to make. Okonkwo is the son of Unoka who was a cowardly man who even Okonkwo was ashamed to call him his father. Okonkwo has a daughter named Ezinma who loves dearly but Okonkwo also has a son named Nwoye who Okonkwo thanks is lazy and will turn into a failure like his father. The Umuofia clan is about to fight a neighboring clan until they win a virgin and a fifteen year old boy named Ikemefuna who were sent as a settlement between the two tribes. Okonkwo then takes the boy and raises him like his own son hoping that he will be more successful than his son and his father. Okonkwo starts to grow a strong connects with the boy and so does Nwoye . Well once the kids were accepted by Oknokwo the tribes had a week of peace where no one was suppose to use violence in anyway. During the week of the peace Okonkwo accused the youngest out of the eight wifes named Ojiugo of neglectance and beat her severely and broke the sacred peace week. The clans people were very shocked about what Okonkwo had done he did his best to repent by making multiple sacrifices but the community was still displeased. Ikemefuna stayed with Okonkwo for three years and acted like a older brother and actually became more muscular to Okonkwo’s delight. Okonkwo loved Ikemefuna very much until he is told he must be killed according to the oracle. Okonkwo doesn’t want to take part in the boys death so he lies to him and says he must return home. While Ikemefuna was walking back with some Umuofia clansmen when they are attacked by Okonkwo’s clansmen and killed with machetes. Once Okonkwo realized what was happening he tried to help but he didn’t want to look weak so

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