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Things Fall Apart Essay

  • Submitted by: baker12
  • on April 28, 2013
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Brendan Baker
Paper #2

I respectfully disagree with the statement that Song For Night, is, Things Fall apart backwards. Really the way you have to look at both of these texts are from critical standpoints of how the authors viewed culture. Culture is a massive driving force between these two novels so saying that these two novels are just the opposite in reverse would be saying that two authors wrote the same idealized story. The way I have looked at these works as a cultural statement to what these cultural conflicts really say about the people living in that area. The usage of violence in both novels shows that a huge theme to the people of that region actually is violence. Violent actions and violent themes are really what tie these two works of literature together. The only similar argument I can see for their culture and that these books are each other in a mirrored form is that, both of the main characters are from the Igbo culture.
I see these works of literature as being based around the theme of war and chaos, these books really talk more about the horrors of violence and the pain that war puts us through.   For the example My luck in the war was really a machine when the novel began picking up. But you see how later on he become more and more human. First example I see of this is when he is in the first river scene with the dead comrade. You see him start to slowly realize how war changes people. He sees his comrade lying there dead and he decides to treat him like a human. Whilst this is the author trying to show us that he is more human, I see this as being a clear indication that the author was pushing to prove the characters humanity.
Within the story of okonkwo you see him use violence as a means of proving his manliness and humanity. But you also see this author use violence as a way of proving that he has bad luck. For example when he kills the younger child in the village when his gun accidently goes off. You see violence used in a way of...

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