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Things Fall Apart Essay

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  • on April 5, 2013
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Perlita Aldava
Coyle 3rd
World Lit
27 March 13
Embedded Assessment 3
There is always going to be good and bad in the world in movies, shows, and novels. In Things Fall Apart, a theme used in the book is nothing and no one is purely good or purely evil. Okonkwo is a very good example of this theme. Throughout the book, he constantly shows the good and the bad of himself, what he has done, and in his thoughts.
In the beginning of the book, it tells how much Okonkwo accomplishes and a bit about his father. Again, it shows the good and the bad. The good being what he accomplishes, the bad being what he feels towards his father. Okonkwo thinks that his father is a lazy, improvident debtor. By trying not to be like his father, shows that he is trying to do well. At the same time, the thing he does is somewhat like his father. Much later in the book, Okonkwo ends up killing his adopted son because he does not want to seem weak. This is contradicting because by killing Ikemefuna, he is trying to avoid coming off as weak, like his father, but by killing him he is also showing a characteristic that his father has. Okonkwo means to do well but ends up doing the wrong thing or makes a mistake. Okonkwo making a mistake encourages him to try to do the right thing. Although in the end he kills himself, he ends up as an “okay “guy. Killing himself shows that since he cannot do much right, he took his life to prevent anymore wrong happening on his fault. When the Europeans settlers came, okonkwo was not sure how to react. Only when they actually started to make changes, he reacted. Okonkwo started to show how he was slowly realizing what was going on. He realized people are starting to be influenced and how some started following their ways. At first, okonkwo was not sure if he liked these changes. Later, he was a bit more clear on it, but still not completely sure. Because of that, he just goes with the flow. The church being built and some of the Igbo tribe members...

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