Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo, the main character, is a very strong man and very respected. He is also very strict and unpredictable. Okonkwo is banned from his clan because of an accident and is forced to flee to his mother clan. Okonkwo is the kind of man who does not wilt under pressure but this growing season in foreign lands will put him to the test. In Things Fall Apart, Achebe combines forceful diction with vivid imagery and incorporates descriptive syntax to define how moving to his mother clan was difficult for Okonkwo and his family. Also striking words show that Okonkwo’s first growing season in his mother clan was terrible. Achebe describes the passage with angry words like “scorched,” “painful,” and “rumbling.” Achebe describes the passage like this so we can grasp the situation. He wants us to feel his pain because we have all been there. Achebe even chooses soft verbs to express the passage such as “swayed,” “chirped,” and “diffused.” He used these specific words so we could realize Okonkwo’s troubles but not blow them out of proportion. There is a softer side to this passage because there is always hope. Similarly, Achebe uses sound imagery to illustrate the tough times for Okonkwo. Achebe describes the passage as “vibrating.” He chooses this because there is still life but not much left. It’s kind of like a headache; it’s there but you can’t get rid of it. As the horrific growing occurs, the “grass has been scorched brown, and the sand felt like live coals to the feet.” Now there is little life and water and nothing can grow without water. The ground is too hot to walk peacefully on and that means too much heat for something to grow. Finally Achebe uses long syntax in this passage to illustrate everything that went wrong for Okonkwo. The sentences have a good flow and it makes it sound like the planting season
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