Things Fall Apart Essay

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Around the world in which we exist, we find numerous varieties of cultures, their traditions, and customs they follow. One would have to live many lives just to discover all the mores of different cultures around the world in which we reside. It is sociology’s purpose to learn about social interactions and enlarge our networks through them. Chinua Achebe is an author of the book, Things Fall Apart, which reveals the cultural values that exist within the Igbo culture. Because Igbo customs and values vary from much of the Western lifestyle, Western people fail to understand the traditional and moral values that exist within the culture. Achebe has tried to correct this issue and has attempted to explain the genuine meaning of traditions and customs in their culture. Okonkwo is a very hard working and respected person in his clan. The Igbo culture gives a lot of importance on sharing and standing up for each other. They cannot stand it if another clan tries to harm any of Okonkwo’s clan. For example, when the clansmen gathered, they were told that someone from the other village has murdered the wife who belonged to Okonkwo’s clan. This infuriated Okonkwo, and being a brave person, he asked them to hand over a virgin girl from their clan to make up for the lost woman. In another example, whenever there was a meeting or a gathering, Igbo society always shared palm-wine and kola nuts among each other, which shows us that they give a lot of significance to sharing things equally. One of the traditions in the Igbo community was that if anyone killed someone of their clan, even if it was an accident, he or she would be asked to leave their homeland. Okonkwo’s gun accidentally killed one of the men, and as punishment, he was asked to leave the land and his buildings and animals were destroyed and killed. This showed that no matter what happened and who did it, the

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