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Things Fall Apart Essay

  • Submitted by: shadiiking
  • on October 10, 2012
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The novel Things Fall Apart is written using various themes and ideas. Gender was one of the themes that really catches the reader’s attention, it plays a major role in the everyday life of characters’ society. But why is masculinity such a strong influence on their society, how is gender defined by their actions and beliefs, and what are the negative and positive aspects on the village and villagers? Running a community based on negative masculinity ideas is wrong, everyone shines in their own way and everyone has a personal strength.
The story takes place around the time where English came over to Nigeria to spread their views on religion, culture, and traditions. Things Fall Apart portrays a story about man (Okonkwo) that came from nothing and progressed to become a prominent figure in his village. Oknokwo insisted on being anything but his father (Unoka), so he strives to become this manly figure which is the opposite of his father. In the novel it states, “A playmate had told him his father was agbala”, which is a name for women or a title-less men in the village (11). Unoka was given the name because the village felt that as far as farming he was a lazy man, even though his strength was more in musical instruments. Though hard farming of yams in the village does bring success to the village, the music in the society brings happiness and unity. Unoka is ridiculed all year until the village festivities come around and everyone is enjoying his music.   As stated farming yams does have its perks but a man or his work ethic shouldn’t be judged by the crops he plants.
Throughout the novel villagers continue to criticize those who are title-less. “Only a week ago a man had contradicted him at a kindred meeting … without looking Okonkwo had said: “This meeting is for men”… The man who contradicted him had no titles” (20). Men with no title mean nothing in their society; they are actually treated worse than women because they can’t reproduce. The men get no...

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