Things Fall Apart Essay

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Dear Mr. Wayne, Throughout history there has been people and societies that want to spread their cultures and expand their mainstream ideas by doing different tasks. You are no exception, Mr. Wayne. We both know you have heard of stories that lands far from Britain have untold riches but that’s not why you are coming over here. Spreading cultural and religious beliefs is what you are going for to gain the support your country needs to take over our clans. Judging by your past leaders over here, Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith, your old ways were not effective in gaining the support you wanted to hold upon my people. You must learn from their mistakes and grow off of them. To continue to keep Christianity striving within the clans of my homeland studying the ways of your past successors will help you spread your faith across my people and gain more support than usual. Umuofia and the surrounding clans have been living in an isolated society and culture for generations making them believe there is only one way of life. But, when you White Men appeared we did not know how to react. The Abame people reacted by killing your people and tying your horse unto a tree (139). You guys slaughtered their clan for their unjust actions but why would you want to waste money on our people when there are better ways to gain the trust of my men. To maintain your influence within my people keep religion in mind. Our lands are centered on one religion, animalism. Introducing Christianity was just a way that would confuse our people. I talked to your old missionary leader here Mr. Brown and I told him our faiths are pretty much the same, but our religion has one main god but also other gods to help this god (179). I’ve tried to understand your Christian faith but I cannot come to worship it because of our own religion so ingrained within us. This is where you can use our own religion against

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