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Things Fall Apart Essay

  • Submitted by: azimah25
  • on September 5, 2012
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Themes are the main ideas discussed in a story. It is important to keep the story on the right track. Themes contain messages that the writers try to express to the reader. Chinua Achebe’s novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ is a powerful study of such themes as masculinity, fear and transformation. In this essay, I intend to explore the themes I have stated and analyze the relevance of the theme in today’s context.
The first theme is fear. Although Okonkwo performs every action with the intentional purpose of appearing bold, he is ultimately ruled by fear, the fear of appearing to have fear. He fears becoming like his father. Unoka, Okwonkwo’s father is a lazy and irresponsible man. He could not prioritize. He spends all the money that he have, which he hardly ever have any. Unoka is a debtor, as he owed every neighbor some money. Okwonkwo fear living like his father. He don’t want the villagers to look down on him like how they looked down on his father.As a result he worked hard to earn his living. Okonkwo performs every action with the intentional purpose of appearing fearless, he is ultimately ruled by fear – the fear of appearing to have fear.While Okwonkwo fear of failure, Ekwefi, his wife fears of losing her daughter Ezinma. Ekwafi is very close to her daughter that they can share almost everything. Losing her daughter means having to lose someone to be her best friend.
How common this sense of pride is in present society. People today are scared of looking bad in front of their peers. It is true that the strength may be shown in different ways, i.e. no one is collecting human skulls in present day America, but if we merely transfer the human skull as a metaphor for, say, a business deal then all of a sudden it makes sense. In today’s world, we can relate to the fear of being seen as weak. In the competitive world, weakness is not recognized as being the highest quality someone could posses. A business man will not be at home reading a book on how to pacify...

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