Things Change Essay

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Life to me is like weather in Oregon; you never really can predict what will befall even ten minutes into your future. Sure there are times when you think you might know what the outcome of something will be. In reality though, things will change in the blink of an eye. That is exactly what happened to me last year when I had assumed my little brother and I would be going to Washington for a birthday. Last year, February 21st of 2012, I was in Oak Creek juvenile detention facility located here in Albany Oregon. It was the most harrowing experience of my life; although there was a little excitement every once in a while. The walls were all the same dull grey color, food bland and dry, and the people were just as bad. The first day felt like it had lasted weeks. Since I had just gotten there I was placed on “E1”. This stood for Entry level one. I was only allowed a bible, one blanket, one pillow, and a bookmark in my cell. The following days got a bit better; however, I had only achieved “level two” on Oak Creek’s rating scale. This meant I was now allowed literacy books, magazines, and three hours of some type of physical exercise. One day, the rest of the juveniles and me were in the “lobby” having a discussion. Everything was calm; it was early morning so we were all somewhat tired still. Suddenly, this girl just starts going crazy! She started taking books off the shelves and throwing them. She began tossing chairs at the walls and slamming doors. It was poignant for me though because while this girl was throwing a fit going berserk; all of us (the inmates) were put into a “down drill”. A down drill is occurs whenever there is a possible threat to the staff and or inmates. During a down drill, you are to lay face down wherever you are, and with your eyes closed (of course mine were open at the time) until you are handcuffed by a staff. The girl was
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