Thin Qoutes Essay

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Thin – Grace Bowman * “One day I wake up and someone tells me that I’m anorexic” (xi) * “Theories on anorexia nervosa pile on top one another; they do not make sense. They contradict and argue over causes and issues and blame” (xiv) * “Five: Grace goes to school. She is the first, ahead of the little brother. Gold stars, happy faces, ticked, well done!” (4) * “Ten… Sometimes in the proper school plays the teachers make her the understudy of the second lead… It makes her hurt and cry” (6) * “Eleven… How can she be popular?... Everything would be OK if they accepted her” (8) * “Eighteen… she has got glandular fever… She is not hungry and her throat is too sore to swallow so she can only eat half a piece of toast a day… ‘You’ve lost weight, Grace’… feels like a real compliment (13, 14) * “(She definitely does not like errors, mistakes, failures) ” (18) * “Got to do well. Got to get top marks. Got to be pretty. Got to have best friends. Got to be popular. Got to go to the best university. Got to be the best in class. Got to keep the boyfriend… Got to be thing! If only I were thin. That’s it. That’s what can be changed. Got to be thinner” (19) * “On a long train journey home she eats a burger. Yuk, food. Big yuk” (22) * “Every food either goes on the ‘Yes’ or the ‘No’ list in her head… after thoroughly reading the ingredients and storing information about the calorie and fat content” (23) * “I am really obsessed and I can’t eat or drink anything without thinking what the calorie value is. I realized it’s a big problem” (25) * Tactics on becoming skinny (27- * “Each week drop another item from your list of consumables” (28) * “Imagine them all lying on their sofas while you are succeeding, slimming and winning” (29) * “I’m here… I am the winning spirit… You know that I’m not going to leave” (30)

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