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Thin Is In It is everywhere you go. It is in advertisements on the television, in the checkout line at the grocery store. It is even there when you are flipping through the pages of a magazine. When girls start their pre-teen years (ten to twelve), they are consumed by the fashion industry. They want to have the hippest clothes that all the young stars are wearing. Girls want name brands like Lucky, Guess, Valentino, and Coach, and they do not care how much it cost. What these young girls do not know is that they are just killing themselves if they do not get help. At the age of fifteen, girls are not only are consumed by fashion, but also by body image. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, forty percent of newly identified cases of anorexia are in girls’ aging from fifteen to nineteen. There are ten million cases nationwide. That’s more than Alzheimer disease and Schizophrenia combined. Fashion started to influence people in the 1920’s when the “Flapper Girl” came about. This changed the way women dressed and presented themselves in public. High socialites influenced the lower class to dress like them with the knee-high dresses and cut-off sleeves. In the 1940’s, women started to wear dresses that showed off their small waist, which in today’s society would be about a size twelve, which created the margarita glass look. In the 1950’s, woman wore the poodle skirt and the low cut shirts. With fashion changing so quickly, women are constantly on their toes ready to get the new fashion trend. In the 1980’s, fashion was all about the neon colors, spandex, and cut-out shirts. Almost everyone had ripped jeans, head bands, muscle shirts (for guys), or leggings (for girls). Why? Fashion designers would pick celebrities to wear or indorse their designs. Since no one wanted to be a loser or outcast, they would buy whatever the celebrities were

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