Thin Grace Bowman Analysis

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Thin – Grace Bowman * “One day I wake up and someone tells me that I’m anorexic” (xi) * “Theories on anorexia nervosa pile on top one another; they do not make sense. They contradict and argue over causes and issues and blame” (xiv) * “Five: Grace goes to school. She is the first, ahead of the little brother. Gold stars, happy faces, ticked, well done!” (4) * “Ten… Sometimes in the proper school plays the teachers make her the understudy of the second lead… It makes her hurt and cry” (6) * “Eleven… How can she be popular?... Everything would be OK if they accepted her” (8) * “Eighteen… she has got glandular fever… She is not hungry and her throat is too sore to swallow so she can only eat half a piece of toast a day……show more content…
At the same time, however, they also a feel a sense of immense control over their relationship with food” (67) food is manageable whereas life is not * They feel “nothing [is] wrong. They are acting to expectation, they are being ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ and ‘thin’” (67-68) * “Wants control of her own game” (68) * “It seems that many adolescents who develop an eating disorder like anorexia are unconsciously using it to express their feelings, often towards their families… A wish to please their parents and to be universally liked”…show more content…
I have the bad dreams. I see people standing by my bed and I can hear people trying to come in and get me” (106) * “When an anorexic looks in the mirror, her own form looks large, rounded and curved… Others see her as thin-skeletal” (118) * “My head hair was dropping out in clumps on to my hairbrush” (119) * “The aim of everything is always to get back in control, to achieve and to be better” (122) * “Perception of beauty and happiness is not one from the inside, it is not inherent, but it is made up by our changing environment” (127) * “Do you see how you have made them pale and shaky?” (140) * “I want to prove to everyone wrong. I want to prove I’m right and get to Cambridge, and be on my own… I will increase my daily intake by 100 calories in week one, and then next week I will put it by another 100 and so on” (146) * “After weight is put on, things go inside, well away from public view” (166) * “It gives her a thumping head that night thinking about all the thousands of calories she has eaten just to fit in” (171) * “Grace decides to hide in her room. She decides that she will not be the sociable, drunken, college person that she though she should be, because that route has not been successful”

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