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The “Thief and the Dogs” is a book which regards the story of a thief, Said, who has been recently released out of prison. As he sets his life off from the gates of prison, he senses betrayal from his friends, daughter, and ex-wife. Said is then ensconced in bitterness and is motivated by the desire to take revenge on those who he has felt has “betrayed him”. The ending of this book is significant to its story as it plays a role in wrapping up the ends. The conclusion of the book reveals what each character learns from the process of their life during the story. The repetition of the imagery and symbolism of light and animalism is also served and the significance of the locations of where the ending was set is also depicted through the ending of the book. Said learns a life lesson as his life slowly comes to an end. Throughout the book, Said had always taken advantage of the good that he has received in his life. He never took time and effort to appreciate what he has in his own hands and always seeks for more than he can reach. Throughout the book, Said had constantly taken the care Nur offered him for granted. She threw living necessities, love, and care all to him. However, he only realizes that he should deeply care about her after her disappearance. Nur was a sort of comfort in Said’s life. She is the only one who agrees to maintain a personal relationship with Said due to her unconditional care and love for him. After Nur’s disappearance, Said’s life became increasingly more unstable as he tries to find something to grasp onto as a safety line, and he returns to the Sheik’s care at the last chapter. Said is left alone in despair and loneliness at the end of the book as well. “His fear-tortured eyes could see the phantom of death now, stalking through the dark”(156). As the “more shots came in from all sides”(158), he was hopelessly alone. He had lost all the

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