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Thick Smoke I open the big medal doors of the cold, thirty-four degree factory to go outside in the warm seventy degree air for lunch break. I take a deep breath and walk to a white picnic table by the door to rest my tired feet. The picnic table was nice and warm on my butt and I took another deep breath but this time it was different. All of a sudden I breathe and a thick aroma moves through my nose to my lungs and makes me cough. I look over to see three other workers wearing many hoodies, smoking a small white paper role with a brown tip where they would inhale the tobacco inside. Light grey smoke slowly comes out the end of the white role where it is black and has red hot spots. As I slowly breathe, trying not to breath in much smoke, I watch as thicker grey smoke comes out of the workers mouths and noses as they breathe out. I breathe in and I smell the different smells of smoke. The smells were of a light mint but mostly the smell of a house burning down with all the furniture and insulation inside. As I smell the smoke I can feel the burning of it slowly moving down to my lungs and my breathing beginning to get heavy. I hold my breath then slowly, every now and then breathe. I bring out my blue small lunch box on the table and I take out my wheat bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As I take a big bite and start chewing I begin to taste a smoky taste in my sandwich. The second hand smoke was even making my food taste like smoke, just from smelling and just from breathing in while I eat. I ignore the smoky taste in my sandwich and keep eating, if I didn’t then my belly would keep roaring like a small lion. I watch almost all the smokers around me inhale their tobacco from the small white role and the end slowly burning away with every inhale they take. I watch the looks on their faces as they inhale the nasty smoke and I see the pain on their face.

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