Thick Face – Black Heart

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Winning through Negative Thinking Thick Face – Black Heart is the great book about power of victory within. All of the 16 chapters contact a profound truth for my life. The knowledge revealed in this book will mirror my own life experiences that are familiar to me and that I’m not able to verbalize. Because of the novel ideas in this book, a revelation in my understanding can occur in an instant. The best thing I learned from this book is winning through negative thinking in chapter 5. “If you learn only one thing from reading this book, it should be that you can succeed the way you are” (Chu). Success comes in every shape and diction. Success comes to some of the most negative people as well as the most positive ones. Success has more equal vision and less prejudice than the positive thinking theory promoted by some people. I don’t have to try to change my thinking about myself. “The important thing is to love your negativities, not to judge them, and to learn to use them to raise you up” (C.-N. Chu, Thick Face-Black Heart). The only thing I should do is free myself from the trap that says, “Change comes before success.” If I think I will win, there are chances I can. If I think I will lose, I positively will. So, I think believing in myself will be the most basic thing for me to get to success. Each person has a different character and strengths, and they also have their own characteristic. For example, you may not be as beautiful as another person, but you may be smarter than that person. For that reason, I’m always trying to stop negative thinking. I may be not a perfect person in life, but to me, I believe I could do it in future. Life is always change time by time, because it is full of surprises, difficult and turns. Something happens unexpected, and then it makes me have trouble with that. I realize if I don’t believe in myself, I cannot
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