They Say I Say Essay

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ERWC Connelly “They Say, I Say” Templates Introducing Something Implied or Assumed (Although X does not say so directly, she/he apparently assumes that __________________. (While they rarely admit as much, _______________ often take for granted that _______________. Introducing An Outgoing Debate (In discussions of X, one controversial issue has been ________________. On the one hand, ____________ argues _______________. On the other hand, ______________even contends __________________. My own view is that ________________ because. (When it comes to the topics of _____________, most people will readily agree that ________________. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of _______________. Whereas some are convinced that __________________, others maintain that _________________. (As I suggested earlier, defenders of ___________ can’t have it both ways. Their assertion that ____________ is contradicted by their claim that_____________. Capturing Authorial Action ( X acknowledges that _________________. (X agreed that _________________. (X argues that_________________. (X complains that _________________. ( X demonstrates that _________________. ( X emphasizes that _________________. Disagreeing, with Reasons (I think that X is mistaken because he/she overlooks _________________. (x’s claim that _________________ rests upon the questionable assumption that _________________. (I disagree with X’s view that _________________ because, as recent research (personal experience) has shown, _________________. (By focusing on _________________, X overlooks the deeper problem of _________________. (X claims _________________, but we don’t need him/her to tell us that. Anyone familiar with _________________ has long known that _________________. Agreeing—with a Difference (X is surely right about _________________

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