They Cage the Animals at Night Book Report

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The novel, They Cage the Animals at Night, by Jennings Michael Burch is an incredible, true journey of a young boy named Jennings, struggling to survive in New York City orphanages. During this time Jennings is greatly influenced by the people around him. This story tells of a young boy's determination to survive despite abandonment, physical abuse and humiliation after being left by his feeble mother at an orphanage. He then experiences a variety of foster homes and some of these accounts will bring more than a single tear to your eye. This story was about a young boy named Jennings. Throughout the course of the story, Jennings learned to survive in a cold, frightening world. His mother was too sick to care for him and left him in multiple orphanages and institutions. Life in these orphanages was brutal, punishments were cruel, rules were strict, and Jennings was unable to do anything about it. Through all this time, Jennings was taught not to become too close to people. He learns, the ones you love always leave you. He shifted from home, to orphanages, to abusive foster homes, to good foster homes, to living at the zoo and seeking through trash cans for food. He could not rely on family nor friends because they all abandoned him in times when he really needed them. Four of his five other brothers were going through similar times so there was no possible way to help Jennings. Throughout the story, a tattered stuffed dog named Doggie, which Jennings stole from his first foster home, “The Home of the Angels”, was the only friend that stayed with him through the harsh times. He was the only friend he could count on through his lost and broken childhood. This story was based on sadness, love, survival, family, and friends that could leave every reader with a new look on a life no one could even imagine existed. There are many characters in this novel that contribute

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